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    Pedal Pops are a nutritious and incredibly tasty snack the whole year 'round. Want the proof? Check out these happy customers!

  • Rainbow

    Can't decide between any of our delicious flavors? Too many options for you to narrow them down? Then go with our Rainbow flavored pop! It combines blueberries, kiwis, mangos and strawberries into one, 44 calorie treat.

  • Blackberry Pineapple Mango

    Looking for a totally tropical treat?Try our flavor-packed Blackberry Pineapple Mango Flavor.

    It comes with 0g of fat for easy eating, 57 calories total and a whopping 38% of your total daily Vitamin C. What's not to love?

  • Banana Orange Strawberry

    Do you need a lot of citrus in your pops to feel satisfied? Do you also want sweet, fruity highlights? Then you'll love our 70 calorie Strawberry Orange Banana Pops!

  • Blueberry Lemon

    Our delicious Blueberry Lemon Flavor is tart, tangy, and sweet enough to satisfy any lover of natural, good-for-you Stevia!

    And at only 39 calories with a whopping 1g of sodium, there's no reason you can't have one whenever you like!

  • Chocolate Banana Pineapple

    One of our richer treats, but still with only 100 calories, the Chocolate Banana Pineapple Pop is perfect for when you're craving a sweet experience combined with a fruity punch.

  • Strawberry Mango

    There's nothing like the taste of a fresh mango. Especially when it's combined with sweet, all-natural strawberries in this incredible, Vitamin-C rich nebulae of a pop.

  • Watermelon Lemon

    It's a good old pairing of watermelon and fresh-squeezed lemon in pop form. Need we say more? With fresh ingredients every time, this 25 calorie treat is guaranteed to please.


Welcome to Pedal Pops – All Natural Fruit Pops!

Pedal Pops are all-natural frozen pops made with simple ingredients with no added preservatives, colors, sweeteners, or thickening agents. We only use fresh fruit and Stevia which helps keep the sugars and calories low making our pops the perfect snack at the office, on a warm summer day, after school, or even after a workout. After your first bite, we hope you’ll agree with our motto that “Simple Ingredients are Simply Delicious”.

What’s In our Pops?

Low calorie 30 – 105 calories

½ serving of daily recommended fruits per pop

Made in small batches to ensure a fresh and intense flavor

Minimal processing, considered a raw food

Sweetened with Stevia

Vegan (even our chocolate banana pineapple)

What’s NOT in Our Pops?

NO high fructose corn syrup (hfcs)

NO preservatives

NO artificial flavors

NO artificial colors

NO Guar Gum